This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions

AMC Cargo Services NV Frequently Asked Questions

When do shipments arrive?

From the Netherlands there is fast shipping, where shipments arrive within two weeks of departure date. With slow speed, shipments arrive within three weeks.

From America, shipments depart every Friday and arrive in Curacao the following week on Wednesdays.

What are the import duty rates?

Click HERE for more information.

How do I calculate customs value?

Invoice product + Sea / Air Freight costs.

Where is my container?

  • AMC Cargo clearance documents
  • Customs approved documents.
  • CPS Container registration.
  • Agency payment process.
  • Container Chassis / Transportation to AMC Cargo.

I lost my invoice, how can I retrieve it?

We can look up and send you a new invoice. However an extra administration fee will be charged.